Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 34.

Выберите лучшее слово или фразу (a, b или c) для завершения предложений с 1 по 8.
Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, or c) to complete sentences 1 to 8.

(1) I would like to emphasise that this is not some a idea that I dreamt up last night! I have been working on this plan for the last six months.
a) half-baked
b) half-cooked
c) half-digested

(2) Bill's a bit of an entrepreneur. He has his fingers in a lot of c .
a) dishes
b) puddings
c) pies

(3) This is my third computer virus in ten days. I'm totally c it!
a) impatient of
b) irritated at
c) fed up with

(4) It just a/c that it's your first wedding anniversary next week, isn't it?
a) hit me
b) come over me
c) dawned on me

(5) They know the risks of swimming with sharks, b they still insist on doing it.
a) consequently
b) yet
c) also

(6) When you are a busy manager like me, it's not a good idea to a until tomorrow what you have time to do today.
a) put off
b) put up
c) put on

(7) The water looks beautiful. Shall we go for a c in the pool?
a) nap
b) slap
c) dip

(8) That man over there has an incredibly b forehead, don't you think?
a) turned-up
b) high
c) full

В предложениях с 1 по 7 есть три подчеркнутых слова или словосочетания, отмеченные (A), (B) и (C). Выберите слово или фразу, которые являются грамматически неправильными.
In sentences 1 to 7 there are three underlined words or phrases, marked (A), (B) and (C). Choose the word or phrase that is grammatically incorrect.

(1) I wasn't very good (A) at chemistry and (B) neither (C) wasn't my sister.
(2) (A) Do you mind (B) telling me how (C) is this going to work?
(3) I (A) was wondering (B) whether you could tell me where John and Linda (C) would go for their holiday this year?
(4) I wanted (A) her to (B) go out with me, but I couldn't afford (C) taking her to an expensive restaurant.
(5) He says he can't stand (A) to be the centre (B) of attention, but I think he secretly enjoys (C) showing off.
(6) You (A) may think that (B) the free time is more important than money, but as far as I'm concerned, money (C) leads to happiness.
(7) (A) If he doesn't (B) start immediately, the painting will never (C) finished on time.

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