Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 37.

Прочтите следующий текст о безопасности детей и выберите лучший ответ (a, b или c) на каждый вопрос.
Read the following passages and choose the best answer (a, b, or c) to each question.

Today, parents are increasingly worried about the safety of their children, and because of this, they are not letting their children go out to play. As a result, children are no longer playing outside but shutting themselves away in their rooms and losing themselves in individualistic activities, such as watching television and playing computer games. Yet, if they had the chance, they would rather get out of the house and go to the cinema, hang out with friends, or play sports. In fact, when asked what their idea of a good day was, only one in seven said that they would turn on the TV. European and American teenagers have always retreated to their bedrooms, leaving the younger children to play in communal spaces such as the family room, garden or basement. However, children as young as age nine are now turning to their bedrooms as a place to socialise.

(1) The passage suggests that…
a) children today are not happy. /
b) watching television is bad for children. /
c) parental influence is affecting children's behaviour. /

(2) According to the text…
a) nine-year-old children do not enjoy being shut away in their bedroom. /
b) teenagers do not like playing with younger children. /
c) most children prefer playing outside to watching TV. /

(3) Choose the word or phrase closest in meaning to Yet,:
a) Already, /
b) Nevertheless, /
c) Consequently, /

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