Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 40.

Прочтите следующий текст о Викингах и выберите лучший ответ (a, b или c) на каждый вопрос.
Read the following passages and choose the best answer (a, b, or c) to each question.

It's become almost a cliche to say that the Vikings were not the bloodthirsty barbarians they are commonly perceived to be - but it's true, nonetheless. OK, so the Romans may have had the architects and the Byzantines better art, but none could match the Vikings for seamanship. And though no one is likely to claim that they were the most sensitive of souls, the Vikings' often superb craftsmanship and oral poetry tradition also mark them out as more complex people than they have often been given credit for. What's more, unlike many contemporary races, they bathed once a week on Sunday.
(Excerpt from Time Out Copenhagen Guide)

(1) According to the passage, the Vikings were…
a) excellent sailors. /
b) bloodthirsty barbarians. /
c) more sensitive than the Romans or the Byzantines. /

(2) The author claims that the Vikings…
a) have been misrepresented. /
b) were cleaner than the Romans or the Byzantines. /
c) wrote beautiful poetry. /

(3) The Vikings…
a) held swimming races. /
b) were a reasonably complex race. /
c) actually disliked drinking blood. /

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