Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 42.

Выберите правильное слово или фразу (a, b или c), чтобы завершить предложения с 1 по 8.
Choose the correct word or phrase (a, b or c) to complete sentences 1 to 8.

(1) He b stealing his coat.
a) accused me to
b) accused me of
c) is me accusing

(2) It took me some time, but I did c find out who had been opening
my mail.
a) basically
b) anyway
c) eventually

(3) Supposing that you a become a doctor, what do you think you would have done?
a) hadn't
b) weren't
c) didn't

(4) She b in bed when I called. It was two in the afternoon!
a) can't be
b) couldn't have been
c) couldn't be

(5) I think John might a problems at work lately.
a) have been having
b) have
c) be having

(6) Do you think that your money could c when you were on the bus?
a) be stolen
b) have stolen
c) have been stolen

(7) I live in Seattle, b is in Washington State.
a) where
b) which
c) that

(8) He offered me some whisky, c was very strange because he knows I don't drink alcohol.
a) that
b) who
c) which

В предложениях с 1 по 8 есть три подчеркнутых слова или словосочетания, отмеченные (A), (B) и (C). Выберите слово или фразу, которые являются грамматически неправильными.
In sentences 1 to 8 there are three underlined words or phrases, marked (A), (B) and (C). Choose the word or phrase that is grammatically incorrect.

(1) When I explained (A) what was happening (B) to him he seemed unhappy, and insisted (C) to phone his lawyer.

(2) It (A) has been rumoured that the President (B) about to make a major announcement about the state of (C) the nation.

(3) Mary had her fortune (A) been told last week and (B) ever since then she (C) has been really moody and depressed.

(4) He's (A) very perfect for you Jasmine; none of your other boyfriends (B) have been so level-headed, so caring, and (C) so utterly gorgeous!

(5) She (A) must have been at home because there wasn't (B) any reply when I (C) knocked on the door.

(6) Assuming that they (A) were to offer you the job, would you (B) willing to accept (C) under the terms and conditions that they advertised?

(7) Ingrid had (A) been trying hard to learn Russian, but she (B) gave up when her Russian boyfriend (C) told he only wanted them to speak English together.

(8) (A) It wasn't California (B) where we visited on holiday last year, (C) it was Texas.

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