Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 5.

Завершите приведенные ниже условные предложения, используя глаголы в круглых скобках.
Complete the conditional sentences below using the verbs in parentheses.

(1) I'm not a politician, but if I were, I would try (try) to change a few laws.
(2) If I hadn't been working, I would have been able
(be able) to go on holiday with you.
(3) If you see John, can you / will you tell
(tell) him I called?
(4) We wouldn't be having these problems with the boat if you had spent
(spent) some money on it last year.
(5) Could he have / Would he have / Might he have passed
(pass) the exam, if he had studied harder?

Дополните приведенный ниже абзац словами-связками из таблицы. Два связующих слова не используются.
Complete the paragraph below with linking words from the box. Two linking words are not used.
just as during as soon as when while by the time

(1) While I was having lunch the other day I saw my sister's husband. He walked into the restaurant and sat down. He didn't see me. (2) Just as I was going to go over and talk to him, he started waving at a woman who had just come into the restaurant. (3) As soon as she saw him she went over to his table, kissed him, and sat down. The first thing I did (4) when I got home that evening was to phone my sister. She told me that the woman was her husband's business partner.

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