Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 9.

Прочтите текст о капитане Роберте Барклее. Отметьте предложения от 1 до 5 T (Истина) или F (Ложь).
Read the text about Captain Robert Barclay. Mark sentences 1 to 5 T (True) or F (False).

On Wednesday July 12, 1809, thousands of eager spectators gathered in Newmarket, England. They jostled for position to catch a glimpse of Captain Robert Barclay who was about to complete what was at the time regarded as the greatest feat of human endurance ever attempted. They'd travelled from around the country to witness Barclay complete his 1,000th mile, in his 1,000th consecutive hour. Barclay had agreed to complete 1,000 miles, unaided and on foot, in 1,000 consecutive hours (nearly six weeks) for a wager of 1,000 guineas (1,000 guineas was equivalent to 20 years' income to the average man). At the end of the challenge, though, it's estimated that side bets earned Barclay £100,000 (£40 million in today's money) from the event.

The problems Barclay experienced during the course of the event were cumulative. The miles become increasingly difficult as the impact of weeks of broken sleep took hold. Barclay never had more than one-and-a-half hour's continuous sleep. This led to a long list of problems. On the 12th day it was reported that he 'felt a little pain in his legs.' Over the next month this developed to 'some pain', 'pain increasing', 'worse', 'much worse', 'excessive pain' and eventually to 'very ill' two days before the end. He also had to contend with pains in his neck and shoulders and nausea as early as the second week, and a toothache that arrived in week four. The toothache and the pains in his shoulders and legs made it difficult for Barclay to sleep at all.

Barclay nearly didn't finish the challenge. When he was called to start the 607th mile his attendants couldn't wake him. Instead they dressed him and carried him, still asleep, to the starting line. There they started beating him violently across the shoulders to wake him up. It did the trick, and after a bout of intense cursing and swearing, Barclay stepped over the line and started the next mile.

When he finally completed the challenge, crossing the line for the 1,000th time at 3.57 pm to wild cheers from the crowd, Barclay was a different man from the one who'd started fit and strong. He'd lost an incredible 14.5 kg.

According to the text:

(1) The attempt seriously affected Barclay's physical condition. T / F /
(2) Barclay suffered from sleep deprivation during the event. T / F /
(3) Barclay made a lot of money from the challenge. T / F /
(4) Barclay wanted to give up during the 607th mile. T / F /
(5) To Barclay's contemporaries, this was the greatest feat of human endurance ever. T / F /

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