Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 18.

Завершите диалог словами might, should или shouldn't.
Complete the dialogue with might, should, or shouldn't.

What are you going to do when you finish university?
live abroad for a year. I’m not sure yet.
Which country?
I haven’t decided yet, but I 1might
go to Spain.
Yes, you 2 should
definitely go to Spain!
It’s a really nice country.
Yeah, but I can’t speak Spanish.
You 3 shouldn't
worry about that. You’ll soon learn.
But I’d like to learn some Spanish before I go.
You 4 should
have lessons then.
Yeah, but lessons 5 might
be expensive.
Well, I think you 6 should
go. You’ll have a great time and I can visit you!
Выберите ( ) правильное(ые) слово(а).
Choose ( ) the correct word(s).

1 I’ve made / done / a chocolate cake for Megan’s birthday.
2 She’s so pretty. She looks / looks like / her mother!
3 I never borrow / lend / people my books.
4 He’s a famous actor. He earns / wins / a lot of money.
5 Yesterday I met / knew / my cousin from Australia for the first time.
6 I hate waiting / hoping / for buses in the rain.
Дополните предложения глаголами. Используйте настоящее совершенное или прошедшее простое время.

Complete the sentences with the verbs. Use the present perfect or the past simple.
Example: I
(be) a teacher for three years.

1 How long have you lived (live) in this house?
2 My father didn't study
(not study) languages at school.
3 I ‘ve known
(know) Billy since I was a child.
4 Did
you meet (meet) any interesting people at the party last week?
5 Sarah moved
(move) to Spain last year.
6 Harry 's worked
(work) here for years - he knows everything about the job.
7 I haven't seen
(not see) my brother since last April.
8 I spoke
(speak) to my boss about holidays yesterday.

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