Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 24.

  Прочтите текст и дополните генеалогическое древо
Read the text and complete the family tree.

My family is a typical British family, I think. I have got just one brother and one sister. My brother Charles is married to Vicky. Their two children are Rachel and Joseph. They're great kids. My sister Eileen also has two children. Her son is Graham, her husband's name is Alan and her daughter is called Alison. My mother's name is Catherine and my father has got the same name as my brother. We're a very happy family!

Catherine + Charles

Charles + Vicky Eileen + Alan Me

Rachel Joseph Alison

Заполните текст, используя make или do
Complete the text using make or do.
do - совершение какого-либо действия
make - создаем что-либо

I live with three other students in a flat outside Manchester. We all do
the housework. Mark and Karie usually make the dinner and Roz and I do the dishes. I am the only one with a car, so I do most of the shopping. We have a lot of parties - student life is fun but we don't make a lot of noise. We have a good time because we make all the decisions together.
  Исправьте ошибку в этих предложениях.
Correct the mistake in these sentences.

Пример: Sometimes I takes the bus to work.

The children finish school on 4 o'clock.

The children finish school at 4 o'clock.

Mary and Fred often go out with their friends at the evening.

Mary and Fred often go out with their friends in the evening.

They don't watches television on Sunday morning.

They don't watch television on Sunday morning.

She workes nine hours a day.

She works nine hours a day.
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