Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 26.

  Заполните предложения, используя any или some
Complete the sentences using any or some.
'Excuse me, are there any
shops near here?'
'Yes, there are some
good clothes shops in Marks Street.'
'Thanks, but I want to buy some
'Oh, there aren't any
music shops near here.'
'Never mind. I need some
clothes, too!'
  Дополните эти предложения словом из таблицы.
Complete these sentences with a word from the box.
dishwasher washing machine fridge stereo curtains pictures

We need new curtains for the windows.
Put your dirty clothes in the washing machine
Let's listen to some music on the stereo
I never do the washing up. I use the dishwasher
Remember to put the milk in the fridge
You've got some nice pictures
on the wall.
Заполните электронное письмо, используя следующие слова:
Complete the e-mail using these words: much, many, a lot, a, some, any. Use each expression once only.

Help! I want to make a
nice meal for my new girlfriend, Sue, tonight, but I don't know what to do. I haven't got any ideas! I really need some help!
Sue eats protein but not much
: she eats fish, but only white fish. But I can't cook fish! She doesn't eat a lot of meat - just chicken but I don't like chicken. I don't need many suggestions - just one! Help me, please!
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