Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 29.

Поставьте правильный глагол в каждом предложении. Выбирайте из: have to / don't have to / can / can't.
Put the correct verb in each sentence. Choose from: have to / don't have to / can / can't.

I don't have any homework so I can
go to the cinema tonight.
I don't work on Sundays so I don't have to
get up early.
We have to
leave because the shop is closing.
I can't
go on holiday because I haven't got any money.
I can't
drive a car - I'm only fifteen.
I'm very busy from Monday to Friday so I have to
go shopping on Saturdays.
We can
go swimming here. The water is very clean.
We don't have to
cook. There's a nice restaurant near here.
Вставьте правильное слово в каждое предложение. Выбирайте из: at, in, ago, last или on.
Put the correct word in each sentence. Choose from: at, in, ago, last or on.

I last saw Gerry in
Francesca doesn't work on
Mondays. It's her day off.
Most shops close at
six o'clock today.
His father started the company twenty three years ago
I think I lost my passport last
Прочтите текст и поставьте глаголы в простое прошедшее время
Read the text and put the verbs into the Past Simple.

My grandfather, Pierre, was
(be) born in France in 1922. He grew (grow) up in the countryside. He left (leave) France in 1939, and came to Britain. He knew (know) just one word in English: 'Hello'. At first, he didn't feel (not feel) very happy - he was lonely. But he spoke (speak) to everyone he met and he soon made (make) friends easily. He learnt English well and now he speaks it perfectly.

Write questions for these answers about Pierre.
? Answer: In France.
Where was he born?

? Answer: In the countryside.
Where did he grow up?

? Answer: In 1939.
When did he leave (France)?

? Answer: Just one: 'Hello'.
How many (English) words did he know?

? Answer: No, he didn't. He was lonely.
Did he feel happy (at first)?

? Answer: Yes, he did. His English is perfect.
Did he learn English well?

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