Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 33.

Завершите предложения, используя эти слова: try, get, wear, put, change, take.
Complete the sentences using these words: try get wear put change take.

I always wear
a suit to work.
But I change
into jeans when I get home.
Please get
dressed. It's very late!
I need to take
off my sweater. It's hot in here.
Excuse me, I'd like to buy this shirt. Can I try
it on first?
It's cold outside. Put
on your coat when you go out.
Отнесите слова к правильной категории
Put the words into the correct category.
suits jeans belts trainers socks T-shirts boots ties sunglasses underpants
Footwear trainers / boots
Underwear socks / underpants

Formal clothes suits / ties

Casual clothes T-shirts / jeans

Accessories sunglasses / belts

Напишите предложение о планах этих людей на будущее. Используйте 'going to' или 'not going to'
Write a sentence about these people's future plans. Use 'going to' or 'not going to'.

I've got my surfboard and my wet suit. I'm
on Sunday.
She says that she wants to stay single and that she's not going to get
We don't like him at all. We're not going to
see him again!
I see you've got a new crash helmet. Are you going to
go snowboarding?
I hope that Peter is not going to
sing. He's got a terrible voice!
When they get married, are they going to
have a traditional wedding?
Jack is going to
be an actor because he wants to win an Academy Award.
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