Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 35.

Сопоставьте телепрограмму с кратким описанием из таблицы.
Match the TV programme with the extract from the box.
weather, news, documentary, game show, soap opera, chat show, sports programme, reality TV

'Please take your time before you answer the next question. I have to accept the first answer you give and remember there is a lot of money at stake. It's all yours if you get it right.'

(1) weather

'Later on today, we expect temperatures to rise in the east, but it still won't be as warm as it was yesterday. In the north, the sun is shining but in the south it's still cold and cloudy.'

(2) news

'Let's go over now live to the Old Bailey where Christina Webb is talking to witnesses who, she says, claim they saw Mr Jackson hit a photographer with his own camera just a few minutes ago. Christina, are you there?'

(3) sports programme

'Welcome back to the second half. If it's anything like as exciting as the first, we are waiting for a real pleasure. In a moment, analysis from Mark Lawrence, but first, here are the other half-time scores.'

(4) documentary

'Tonight we examine some of the ways in which we, as humans, are changing the world in which we live: the climate, our physical environment and the species that depend upon us for their survival. The good news is that it is not all bad news.'

(5) reality TV

'I don't mind being voted off. Honestly. I was getting bored living in such a small space with a group of strangers. I started to wonder why I had ever wanted to do it. I just hope all my family and friends weren't watching last night.'

(6) chat show

'In tonight's show, I'll be talking to a young man who is making a name for himself on both sides of the Atlantic. His latest film is a murder mystery, in which he stars with Linda Channing and let me tell you: it's a cracker. Ladies and gentlemen: Derek Chandler.'

(7) soap opera

'Now listen to me. I don't know why you told all those lies about me and I don't want to know. But I will tell you one thing. Everyone knows you're a stranger to the truth and no-one cares what you think'.

Заполните текст, используя слово из таблицы
Complete the text using a word from the box.
afford find left lost spend buy

I couldn't find
my glasses this morning. I remember I had them on the bus yesterday so I left work early today and went to the lost property office.
They weren't there so tomorrow I'm going to buy
a new pair of glasses. I can't afford anything expensive. I hope to spend not more than $25.
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