Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 37.

Заполните каждое предложение формой превосходной степени слова из таблицы.
Complete each sentence with the superlative form of a word from the box.
famous hot cold small tall expensive popular

The Peel P50 is only 134 cm long. It's the
car in the world!
Venus has a surface temperature of 480°C. It's the hottest
planet in the solar system.
Everybody knows Bill Gates. He's probably the most famous
businessman in the world.
In Europe, February is usually the coldest
month of the year.
Japan isn't cheap. In 2003, it was the most expensive
country to live in.
With more than 200 million album sales, Julio Iglesias is probably the most popular
Latin singer in the world.
De-Fen Yao from China stands at 235 cm. She's the tallest
woman in the world.
Прочтите текст о рождественской расспродаже и отметьте предложения ( ) истинными или ложными.
Read the text and mark sentences ( ) True or False.


Every year on the Monday morning after Christmas, the Harrods annual sale starts. Thousands of people visit the department store in search of quality goods at cheap prices. On the first day of the sale this year, a total of 150,000 people spent some six million pounds. Although Monday looked like chaos, on the following Saturday, 250,000 people spent 12 million pounds.

There is, it seems, always a must-have item and this year the longest queues are for designer bags. Iguchi, a young Japanese visitor, waited for two hours just to buy his girlfriend a handbag. 'I got a good deal, I only paid 50 per cent of the normal price for this Gucci bag,' said the happy tourist.

'Also, when I say that I bought it at the Harrods sale, my girlfriend will be even more pleased - Harrods is very well known in Japan,' he added.

Harrods first opened in 1849 when Charles Henry Harrod bought and re-named a grocery store on the Brompton Road - where the shop is still located - and the initial sale was held in 1870.

Vivian Ugent, 63, and her 70-year-old husband Donald from St Louis, Missouri, have visited the sale for the past 18 years. 'We were here at 6.00 am and some people we know brought a chair for me to sit on, which was nice,' Mrs Ugent said. 'In the past, we always came at 4.30 am but we're getting a bit old for that,' she added, saying that they were especially interested in bargain china.

'We always buy my husband an English hat too, because he keeps losing them.'

Monday was the busiest day of the sale for Harrods. True / False /
This year designer bags are the most popular shopping items. True / False /
Iguchi was happy with his shopping. True / False /
Harrods has more than 195 years of experience in arranging sales. True / False /
Mr and Mrs Ugent arrived later than usual this year. True / False /

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