Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 41.

Прочтите текст и отметьте ( ) True (T) или False (F)
Read the text and mark ( ) True (T) or False (F).


Mark Webber remembers an unusual driving experience:

A few years ago I had an accident I will never forget. It was the beginning of my holiday. I needed to go to town to buy some clothes for my trip to France. I always take the bus to work because of the traffic but I wasn't in a hurry so I decided to drive.

I phoned an old friend, Susan, and asked her to meet me in a cafe in a shopping centre at 10 o'clock. I left home at nine o'clock so I thought I had enough time. At ten o'clock, I was sitting in a traffic jam a few minutes from the shopping centre. Nobody was moving.

I phoned Susan but she didn't answer her mobile phone. I decided to park the car and walk the rest of the way.

I found a parking space between a red Mazda and a blue Porsche. I wasn't sure that I could put the car into it but I tried. Unfortunately I hit the blue car. Too late, I realised the space wasn't big enough. I phoned Susan again. This time she answered.

'Where are you?' Susan asked.

'Delancy Street. I've hit a blue Porsche. Do you think I should leave a message?'

'It depends,' she replied. 'What's the number plate of the car?'

I told her the number and she said, 'No, it isn't necessary to leave a message.'

'Why not?' I asked.

'Because, you idiot,' she replied, 'it's my car!'

Mark sometimes drives to work. T / F /
He decided to set off from home early. T / F /
Susan was in a traffic jam. T / F /
The parking space was too small. T / F /
Mark didn't need to leave a message for the owner. T / F /

Завершите второе предложение так, чтобы оно означало то же самое, что и первое. Используйте только одно слово.
Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one. Use one word only.
I'm not as old as my sister.
My sister is
than me.

This is a late film.
It doesn't start early

Tom is a quick learner.
He learns quickly

Frank is a very careful driver.
He drives very carefully

Carol is good tennis player.
She plays tennis well

Fred is a tidy worker.
He works tidily

He has a loud voice.
He talks loudly

George was unhappy to leave the party.
He left the party unhappily

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