Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 43.

Для пунктов с 1 по 7 заполните текст, выбрав ( ) наилучший ответ (A, B или C).
For questions 1 to 7, complete the text by choosing ( ) the best answer (A, B or C).


Charlie Smith was a middle-aged businessman who worked for a company called Omniplace. (1) ____________ he heard that Classitech, a big American company, wanted to buy Omniplace. (2) ____________, Charlie didn't like the news. He was worried for his job. Then he decided to invite Henrietta Dowling, the president of Omniplace, to a meeting.
(3) ____________, Mrs Dowling came to the meeting with her two young female assistants. The meeting went well, Charlie thought, and he was very happy with himself. He invited them all to Francisco, his favourite restaurant.
(4) ____________, Pepe Gonzalez was opening a bottle of wine when Charlie Smith's group came in. Charlie was an important customer but he wasn't polite and was never generous. He thought that the older woman was probably Mr Smith's wife and the two younger women were their daughters.
During the meal, Pepe noticed that Mr Smith was very friendly - more friendly than usual - and he didn't stop talking. (5) ____________, Charlie called the waiter and said something to him very quietly.
(6) ____________, Pepe returned with two magnificent desserts, specialties of the house, full of cream, ice-cream, fruit and chocolate sauce. He put the desserts in front of Mrs Dowling's assistants. Pepe was walking back to the kitchen when Charlie stopped him. 'But where's her dessert?' he asked, pointing to Mrs Dowling.
'I'm sorry, Mr. Smith,' replied the waiter. 'but you said to bring something special for the girls.'
(7) ____________, Charlie started looking for a new job.

1. (a One day) (b Next) (c At first)

2. (a Last year) (b At first) (c Finally)

3. (a That night) (b A week later) (c Next)

4. (a Then) (b That evening) (c Last night)

5. (a At the end of the meal) (b The next day) (c That night)

6. (a A few minutes later) (b At first) (c One evening)

7. (a Finally) (b Next) (c The next morning)

Завершите каждое предложение соответствующим словом из таблицы.
Complete each sentence with an appropriate word from the box.
rainbow desert stars planets cliffs fields glacier

You can see a lot of stars
in the sky tonight.

You can go skiing on the glacier
even in summer.

I stood on the cliffs
and looked at the sea.

After the storm, there was a beautiful rainbow
in the sky.

Do you think there is life on other planets

Sue and Dave went for a walk through the beautiful green fields

Yesterday, I drove through the desert
to visit the pyramids.
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