Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 46.

Выберите ( ) правильное прилагательное.
Choose( ) the correct adjective.

Tina likes meeting and talking to people. She's hard-working / energetic / sociable / .

Ian listens to his heart, not his head. He's honest / romantic / serious / .

Jack always tells the truth. He's helpful / practical / honest / .

Frank wants to get a good job. He's ambitious / independent / confident / .

Sue likes to do dangerous things. She's adventurous / sensible / sensitive / .

Harry is good at art and music. He's creative / shy / cheerful / .
Добавьте слово из таблицы, чтобы завершить каждое предложение.
Add a word from the box to complete each sentence.
report phone property concert hour wrestler assistant ache

I'd like to go to a rock concert
one day.

Tina has got a job as a sales assistant

Give me a call on my mobile phone

Eric got stuck in traffic during the rush hour

Did you hear the weather report
for today?

I've got a terrible stomach ache

I went to the lost property
office this morning.

Musashimaru is a famous Sumo wrestler
Отметьте ( ) значение True (T) или False (F) для каждого предложения.
Tick ( ) True (T) or False (F) for each sentence.

You wear a coat under a jacket. T / F /

You put your feet inside your trainers. T / F /

Your heart is inside your chest. T / F /

Your knees are under your hips. T / F /

Your waist is above your chin. T / F /

You put your socks on your hands. T / F /
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