Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 52.

Заполните вопросы, используя правильную простую прошедшую форму глаголов в скобках.
Complete the questions using the correct simple past form of the verbs in brackets.

She met
her husband in London in 1994. (meet)

When did you leave your old job? (you/leave)

I began working here last month. (begin)

I didn't know they were married. (not know)

He bought a big house on the hill after winning the jackpot. (buy)

They went to Brazil on their honeymoon (go)

Завершите отрывок, используя либо прошедшее простое, либо прошедшее продолжительное время глаголов в скобках.
Complete the passage using either the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

When I walked
(walk) into the cafe, a young woman was listening (listen) to the radio behind the bar.
I ordered
(order) a cup of coffee, sat down (sit down) and took out (take out) my newspaper.
When I looked up
(look up) a few minutes later, the young woman was looking (look at) me.
Заполните эту открытку другу, используя правильные формы go, play или do.
Complete this postcard to a friend using the correct forms of go, play or do.

Dear Jane,
We're having a great time here and I'm feeling very fit.
Every morning, we do
gymnastics on the beach, and then we go swimming or play football.
hard work but a lot of fun. This morning we went sailing and I got very wet.
I'm doing karate for the first time.
I'm a bit nervous but I'm looking forward to it.
must stop writing now because I'm playing table tennis in the hotel at 4 o'clock.
See you next week.

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