Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 54.

Прочтите текст о занятии спортом. Напишите ответы на вопросы с 1 по 8.
Read the text below. For questions 1 to 8, write the answer.

When I was at school, I played some football and rugby. I hated rugby because I couldn't catch the ball, but I enjoyed football. I started out being a terrible player and nobody wanted me to be on their team. But I started to improve slowly and, after a few years, the other kids in the school accepted me as a player, not a fantastic one, but one who wouldn't do anything stupid.

When I was at university, I stopped playing sports altogether. I was working too hard, started eating too much, and, worst of all, I started smoking. By the time I was thirty, I was overweight and unfit.

Then one day, I was sitting in the park, smoking a cigarette. I was watching these guys running. They looked slim, fit and healthy, and some of them were much older than me. When I got home, I looked in the bathroom mirror and, well, I suppose I just didn't like what I saw. At that moment, I decided to stop smoking and change my life. I went to a sports shop, bought myself a pair of running shoes, shorts and a sweatshirt. That evening I went running around the park - for ten minutes! Physically, I felt terrible. Everything was hurting: my legs, my chest. But inside, I did feel good about it.

The next evening, I went again. I still only did ten minutes, but I didn't feel as I bad as I did the day before. Within a week, I was running for fifteen minutes, then twenty, and after three weeks I ran for thirty minutes without stopping. Quite soon, I was running longer distances and my speed and strength were improving all the time. After six months, I was a runner!

That was five years ago. I now run eight kilometres six times a week and love it. My proudest moment was last year, when I ran my first marathon and finished in under three hours. I'm fitter now than I've ever been, and am so glad that I went to sit in the park that day five years ago.

(1) Which sport did he like best at school? football

(2) Why did nobody want to play with him at first? because he was a terrible/bad, etc player

(3) When did he stop playing football? (when he was) at university

(4) Where was he when he decided to change his life? in the bathroom/in the park

(5) How long did he run for the first time? ten minutes

(6) How did he feel psychologically? good

(7) How often does he run now? six times a week

(8) What did he do last year? he ran a marathon

Дополните список покупок товарами из таблицы.
Complete the shopping list with the items from the box.
bananas potato crisps trousers tissues water flour grapes chocolates sunglasses beer

Shopping list:

(1) 1 bottle of water beer

(2) 1 bunch of grapes bananas

(3) 1 pair of trousers sunglasses

(4) 1 box of chocolates tissues

(5) 1 bag of flour potato crisps

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