Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 58.

Прочтите биографию сэра Пола Гетти и отметьте ( ) предложения с 1 по 6 T (Истина) или F (Ложь).
Read the biography of Sir Paul Getty and mark ( ) sentences 1 to 6 T (True) or F (False).


Paul Getty was born in California in 1932. He was the son of John Paul Getty, the head of an oil empire and at that time the richest man in the world.

After college and a spell (период) in the US army, Paul joined the family oil business and moved to Italy. Despite his riches, this was a very troubled period in his life. Instead of involving himself in his work, he became part of the hippie drug culture of the 1960s and by the end of the decade he was a drug addict.

Tragedy followed. In 1971, his second wife died from a drug overdose, and two years later his son was kidnapped. Paul's father refused to pay the ransom ($3 million) at first. Eventually he did pay, but only after the kidnappers sent him one of his grandson's ears.

Soon after his son was returned, Paul went to London and received treatment for his drug addiction. The treatment was successful and he decided to stay in London, living a quiet life away from the public. He soon grew to love England, and began to give enormous sums of money away, mostly to art galleries, museums and the British film industry, but also to some charities and political organisations. It is estimated that between 1984 and 1994 he gave away $220 million. At one point, his money even stopped a valuable statue from being sold to his father's museum in California.

In 1986, he became Sir Paul Getty, as a reward for his services to British art and in 1996 he gave up his US nationality and became a British citizen. He died in 2003, aged 70.

(1) Paul's difficulties began when he was in the army. T / F /

(2) His second wife died after taking drugs. T / F /

(3) Paul refused to pay the ransom for his son. T / F /

(4) Paul moved to England for health reasons. T / F /

(5) He bought some valuable works of art for his father's museum. T / F /

(6) He was made a British citizen because of his services to the arts. T / F /

Завершите предложения с 1 по 7, используя соответствующие прилагательные из коробки. Используйте каждое прилагательное только один раз. Здесь больше прилагательных, чем вам нужно.
Complete sentences 1 to 7 using appropriate adjectives from the box. Use each adjective only once. There are more adjectives than you need.
insecure silly pessimistic boring open cheerful sensible insensitive silly interesting

(1) He doesn't think he's passed his exams. He's very pessimistic .

(2) He's great to have at parties. He's so cheerful .

(3) She's a very open person. She doesn't have any secrets.

(4) He feels uncomfortable when he's with other people. He's quite insecure .

(5) He sometimes acts stupid but he's really very sensible .

(6) He's not a very interesting teacher. His students always fall asleep.

(7) She doesn't think about other people's feelings. She's so insensitive

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