Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 9.

Заполните предложения правильным глаголом.

Complete the sentences with the correct verb.
Example: I often
after my little brother at the weekend.
see look give

I’m going to take
this jumper back to the shop. I don’t like it.
pay call take
I never agree
with my brother. We have completely different views.
think agree look
Can you pay
me back the money I lent you?
call take pay
Are you looking
forward to your holiday?
looking being going
I met James last night and we talked
about getting married.
told said talked
Mike phoned. He’s going to call
you back in an hour.
call send look

Заполните фразы правильным предлогом.
Complete the phrases with the correct prepositlon.
Example: listen
a radio program

1 wait for a bus
2 argue with
a friend
3 dream about
an old house
4 write a letter to
a penfriend
5 speak to
your teacher
6 think about


Заполните предложения словами will / ’ll, won’t или shall.
Complete the sentences with will / ’ll, won’t, or shall.
Example: I’ll ring you this evening! I

1 I won’t get a taxi. I’ll walk to the station.
2 There ’ll
be snow tonight in the north, so be careful on the roads.
3 ‘Will
you be able to come to our party on Saturday?’ ‘Yes, I think so.’
4 If you can’t do the exercise, ask me and I ’ll
help you.
5 Shall
I pick you up after lunch?
6 I don’t think I ’ll
watch the late film tonight.


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