Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №13. Тема: О дружбе и общении.

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I don't agree at all. I think it's much easier. Today you can text, you can email, you can chat online on Messenger and things like that. I'm still in touch with some friends who I met on holiday last year even though they live miles away.
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Actually, I think it's probably true. Because I know a lot of men who are still friends with people they went to primary school with, but I don't know many women who are. For example, my brother has a friend called Tim who he's known since they were three years old. But I think the reason why is because men's friendships are less intense, sort of less intimate than women's friendships. As men only ever talk about sport or superficial things, it doesn't matter if they've completely changed and don't have much in common any more - they can still talk about football.
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You definitely shouldn't. I mean that's the quickest way to lose a friendship. If you don't like a friend's girlfriend, you should just keep quiet. You have to wait until they break up, and of course then you can say how awful you thought she was and your friend will agree and think you're being supportive. But if you say anything bad while they're still madly in love, it's a disaster. I know because it happened to me once with a friend of mine. I said something negative about his girlfriend. And now we're not friends any more.
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