Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №21. Тема: Характерные черты различных народов.

It's difficult to generalize about us as a people, especially as our big cities now have such a multi-ethnic population, but I would say that we're basically very tolerant and open-minded. We're not nearly as insular as we used to be. We defend the things that we believe in - when we have to - and we avoid taking extreme positions, which I think is another strength.
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One of our main weaknesses, though, is that we can be quite self-satisfied and arrogant towards foreigners. Just think of our inability, or our unwillingness, to learn foreign languages! I'd also say that we can be lazy, and we're a bit careless about the way we dress, and also we drink too much. I don't think I'm very typical, though I do definitely have one of the weaknesses - but I'm not going to say which!
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As a nation we're very proud of our identity and our cultural heritage. We're an inventive people, but we often feel marginalized and forgotten by our bigger neighbour, England that is. We're very sociable and like to have a good time. We're also great travellers and people often compliment us on the good behaviour of our sports fans abroad. On the other hand, we do have a tendency to melancholy - maybe it's something to do with the weather, you know we tend to think that life is hard.
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There's also a negative attitude towards our neighbour - and this can range from humorous comments to actual violence. And although we are keen travellers, we can be quite negative towards foreigners. Some people would like to see the country kept only for us, without apparently understanding how negative that could be. I don't think of myself as a typical example. I love the country, and think it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, but I feel that we tend to focus too much on the wrongs done to us in the distant past, rather than trying to move on.
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