Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №28. Тема: Опасное для жизни путешествие в джунглях...

Kevin was feeling desperate. He didn't know if Yossi was alive or dead, but he started walking downriver to look for him. He felt responsible for what had happened to his friend.
Yossi, however, was feeling very optimistic. He was sure that Kevin would look for him so he started walking upriver calling his friend's name.
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But nobody answered. At night Yossi tried to sleep but he felt terrified. The jungle was full of noises. Suddenly he woke up because he heard a branch breaking. He turned on his flash light. There was a jaguar staring at him...
Yossi was trembling with fear but then he remembered something that he once saw in a film. He used the cigarette lighter to set fire to the insect repellent spray and he managed to scare the jaguar away.
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After five days alone, Yossi was exhausted and starving. Suddenly, as he was walking, he saw a footprint on the trail - it was a hiking boot. It had to be Kevin's footprint! He followed the trail until he discovered another footprint. But then he realized, to his horror, that it was the same footprint and that it wasn't Kevin's.
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It was his own. He had been walking around in a circle. Suddenly Yossi realized that he would never find Kevin. He felt sure that Kevin must be dead. Yossi felt depressed and on the point of giving up.
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But Kevin wasn't dead. He was still looking for Yossi. But after nearly a week he was weak and exhausted from lack of food and lack of sleep.
He decided that it was time to forget Yossi and try to save himself. He had just enough strength left to hold onto a log and let himself ?oat down the river.
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