Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №33. Тема: 1. Александр Македонский. 2. Современные пираты.

Today, we will discuss the king of Macedonia. Most of you probably know him as Alexander the Great. Born in 356 BC, this king of Macedonia is considered one of the greatest military leaders in history. He conquered much of the civilized world that existed during his lifetime. Let's talk about the wars Alexander the Great led.
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These are perhaps his greatest legacy, or memory. After his father, King Phillip II, died, Alexander continued with his father's plan to take over Persia. Alexander's wars against the Persians were successful. His success resulted in the creation of a huge empire made up of the regions Macedonia, Egypt, Syria, Persia, and Asia Minor.
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Most of you have heard stories or read books about pirates. Stories about pirates are common around the world. Basically, pirates are people who steal from others. Usually, pirates steal while at sea. That is, they use boats to attack other people's boats. Pirating, though, has changed since the old days. Yes, it's true. There are still pirates today. I bet that surprises some of you, but it's true.
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In the old days, pirates used swords to attack others. Besides swords, they used cannons, but today you won't see many pirates with swords or cannons. Today, pirates use different weapons. They use rifles instead of swords, and pirates don't use sail boats like before. Today, pirates use speed boats. Speed boats, of course, are much faster than the old sail boats.
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