Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №36. Тема: 1. Изучение взаимоотношений между организмом и окружающей средой. 2. Круговорот воды в природе.

Ecology is the study of the relationships between an organism and its environment. The "organism" is the plant or animal that we are observing. The "environment" refers to the organism's surroundings. For example, we might be studying a cactus plant in the desert. So, our organism will be the cactus, and the environment will be the desert.
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But why does our organism like this environment? That is, why is a hot, dry desert a good place for a cactus to live? We may also ask which other members make up a certain type of community. For example, what other types of plants (or animals) prefer a hot, dry desert climate?
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Today in this lecture, we will talk a little about the "water cycle." This is the movement of water on the planet. Take the ocean as a starting place. Warm weather around oceans causes some of the water to evaporate. When that water evaporates, it becomes mixed in the air as gas.
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Now, this water will eventually return to the land, but how does this happen? By rain and snow. Some of that rain and snow gets back into rivers, streams, and the ocean. Some of the water also goes into the ground. Any idea what this is called? Quite simply, we call it "ground water."
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Now, this ground water isn't trapped where it falls. Even ground water eventually reaches the ocean again. It just circulates through underground cracks or chambers until it gets back to rivers, streams, or the ocean, completing the cycle.
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