Тест 10. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


Complete the dialogues with words:
ten, past, to, half, quarter, o'clock

Example: What time is it?
It's 6.10.
Sorry? What time?
It's past six.

1 What time is it?
It's 7.20. That's twenty past seven.

2 Is it 7.45?
Yes, it is. It's quarter to eight.

3 What time do you go to work?
Oh, at half past eight. That's 8.30.

4 What time is it?
Oh, it's 7 p.m. That's seven o'clock

5 Oh no. It's 7.35.
Twenty-five to eight! Oh no. We're late!


1 Read the text and complete the sentences with the correct name.

In business with mum and dad.
Bob Wright and his wife Diane are from London but they live in Cardiff with their 24 year-old twin daughters Gina and Molly, and their 19-year-old son Jack. Bob has four coffee shops in the cities of Cardiff and Swansea. People go to Bob's coffee shops to drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, eat sandwiches, and read newspapers and magazines.

He makes sandwiches, with cheese and salad but not with meat or chicken. His big sandwiches are very popular with students. Bob isn't the only person in his family in the restaurant business. He has two business partners and they are his daughters! 'Gina is an accountant, and she is good at numbers,' says Bob. 'She doesn't work in the coffee shops. She works in the office. Molly is good with people. She goes to our coffee shops and speaks to our customers.

My daughters work long hours. They start work at half past seven in the morning and they finish late at night.' Bob's son is a student and he doesn't work in the family business. He studies medicine at Cardiff University and wants to be a doctor. His dad says, 'My son Jack isn't interested in the restaurant business, but he works here at weekends. He's a waiter in one of our coffee shops.'

Example: are from London.

1 Bob is Diane's husband.
2 Molly is Gina's sister.
3 Gina works in the office.
4 Molly is good with people.
5 Jack goes to university.
6 Jack is a waiter at weekends.


2 Read the text again and choose the correct answer to the questions.
Example: What is Bob's surname?
A Wright / B Molly / C Coffee /

1 Where do Bob and Diane live?
A in Swansea / B in Cardiff / C in London /

2 How old is Molly?
A nineteen / B twenty / C twenty-four /

3 Where are Bob's coffee shops?
A in London and Cardiff / B in Swansea and Cardiff / C in Swansea and London /

4 What do people drink in Bob's coffee shop?
A coffee and hot chocolate / B tea and wine / C beer and coffee /

5 What do people eat in Bob's coffee shops?
A chicken sandwiches / B chocolate / C cheese sandwiches /

6 Why do students like Bob's coffee shops?
A his coffee is good / B his chocolate is fantastic / C his sandwiches are big /

7 Where does Gina work?
A in the office / B in the coffee shops / C in the magazine business /

8 When does Molly start work?
A at 7.15 / B at 7.30 / C at 7.45 /

9 What does Jack study at Cardiff University?
A medicine / B business / C doctor /


1 Answer the questions about lunchtime when you're at work / school.
What time do you have lunch when you're at work?

Where do you have lunch at work?

What do you have for lunch?

Who do you have lunch with?

Student's own answers.

2 Now answer the questions about lunchtime at the weekend.
What time do you have lunch at the weekend?

Where do you have lunch on Saturday and Sunday?

What do you have for lunch?

Who do you have lunch with?

Student's own answers.


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