Тест 13. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


1 Write the correct word(s).
Example: How old you are / are you

1 Kelly always gets up / gets always up
at six.
2 When do you / you do
go shopping?
3 Can I have / to have
a drink, please?
4 Susan walks sometimes / sometimes walks
in the mountains.
5 What sports she likes / does she like
6 Jack never does / doesn't never
7 When / How
do you go to the cinema?
On Saturday evenings.
8 He doesn't can / can't
come to the cinema tonight.



2 Order the words to make questions.
Расставьте в правильном порядке слова, что бы сделать вопросы.
Example: you speak do Japanese ?

1 live where she does ?
Where does she live?

2 they what like music do ?
What music do they like?

3 is where he ?
Where is he?

4 her what sister do does ?
What does her sister do?

5 I here can sit ?
Can I sit here?

6 gym to do the go you ?
Do you go to the gym?

7 TV sometimes he does watch ?
Does he sometimes watch TV?


3 Write the verb that goes with all the words.
Напишите глагол, который подходит всем словам.
Example: a teacher at home hot

1 lunch a shower breakfast have
2 sport exercise housework do
3 the piano tennis computer games play
4 to the cinema to the beach to the gym go
5 a menu an email a magazine read


4 Complete the typical day with words from the two boxes.
Заполните распорядок типичного дня словами из двух таблиц.

get finish go go start have have have
up work work to bed home breakfast dinner lunch

7 a.m.
7.15 a.m. have a shower

7.45 a.m. 1 have breakfast
8.15 a.m. go to work
9 a.m. 2 start work
11 a.m. have a coffee
1 p.m. 3 have lunch
2 p.m.-5 p.m. meet customers
5.30 p.m. 4 finish work
5.40 p.m. 5 go home
6.30 p.m. do the shopping
7 p.m. 6 have dinner
8 p.m. watch TV
11 p.m. 7 go to bed


5 Complete the sentences with the correct word.
go get do
Example: I usually up at seven in the morning.

go do have
1 We always go out on Saturday night. (night - ночь, вечер)

make take do
2 Can you take my photo, please?

do have pay
3 I'm sorry. You can't pay by credit card.

play have use
4 I can't use the Internet at work.

summer winter night
5 In Spain, it's usually hot and light outside in the summer

play use do
6 You can't use your mobile phone in the school.

send go play
7 I sometimes send 100 emails in a day.

play make do
8 Do you do a lot of exercise?

Match the words with the same sound.
outside their newspaper park watch

1 where their
2 long watch
3 town outside
4 usually newspaper
5 can't park

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