Тест 26. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


Look at the map then complete the two dialogues with the words in the box.
Посмотрите на карту, затем заполните два диалога словами из таблицы.

turn right on the left between next to straight on

bank bookshop
you are here      
  museum petrol station
  post office  

1 Where's the post office, please?
Er…OK. Go 1 straight on then 2 turn right . It's 3 next to the chemist's.
2 Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?
Yes. It's 4 on the left . It's 5 between the hotel and the bookshop.
Thank you very much.


1 Read the text and match the days to the activities.

An adventure holiday in Peru

Adventure Travel offer you exciting holidays - and they're not expensive! Go on a wonderful two-week trip across Peru from Lake Titicaca to the Amazon rainforest. And if you book the holiday before 29th August, you can save £400!

Days 2-5
On the second day, we're going to start our trip at beautiful Lake Titicaca. Then, early in the morning of the next day, we're going to fly to the city of Cusco. It's an old, historical city with many things to see. The Inca people lived there many years ago and built wonderful monuments. We're going to spend three days in the region, visiting the market of Pisac, walking Inca paths to ancient buildings, and staying overnight in a village house. On our final day we're going to ride mountain bikes along the valley to the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo.

Days 6-9
On the sixth day, we're going to start walking to Machu Picchu - it's a famous, historical Inca city on top of a mountain. It takes four days to walk there on an ancient path that takes you past small ruins along the way to Inti Punku, the Sun Gate, and your first fantastic views of the beautiful city. We're going to spend the last of the four days looking at the wonderful old temples and climbing Huayna Picchu.

Days 10-13
We're going to spend the last four days of the trip on a visit to the Amazon rainforest. We're going to stay in a comfortable hotel near the Tambopata River and have lots of time to walk in the rainforest.

Responsible Travel
We're going to stay in village houses during the trip, so you can meet local people and give money to the village communities. Adventure Travel also gives £5 to charity for every person travelling on this trip.

a cycling to Ollantaytambo
b walking to Machu Picchu
c arriving in Peru
d exploring the Amazon rainforest

e seeing Lake Titicaca
f visiting Cusco
g climbing Huayna Picchu


Example: Day 1

1 Day 2 e
2 Day 3 f
3 Day 5 a
4 Day 7 b
5 Day 9 g
6 Day 12 d


2 Read the text again. Tick ( ) the sentences about the trip True or False.
Example: Adventure Travel offer holidays in Peru.
True / False /

1 Adventure Travel offer expensive holidays!
True / False /

2 Book your holiday in September and spend less money!
True / False /

3 Visit Cusco - a beautiful, modern city!
True / False /

4 Go cycling near Cusco!
True / False /

5 See Machu Picchu - a city in the mountains!
True / False /

6 Spend four days in the Amazon rainforest!
True / False /

7 Stay in comfortable hotels every day!
True / False /

8 Help local people by working in their village!
True / False /

9 Adventure Travel gives money to charity!
True / False /


Answer the questions and write a trip for an adventure holiday in your country.


Where are you going to start the journey?
How are you going to travel?
Which places are you going to go to?
Why are they interesting?
What can you see and do there?
Where are you going to finish the trip?
What's special about the place?

Student's own answers.

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