Тест 29. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


1 Wright the correct word(s) in each sentence.
Example: Are / Is / Do
you John Jackson?

Where they are / are they / they're
Is she American?
No, she not / she isn't / is not
What are your children's names?
Their / Our / Your
names are Mark and Jenny.
I have a sister. His / Her / She
name is Harriet.
Where is Jack / Jacks / Jack's
They are very expensives / expensivs / expensive
It's a nice bag / a bag nice / nice bag
He's old man / a old man / an old man
Do / Is / Does
she like tea?
Mark and Jane teach / teachs / teaches
German at school.
Anne doesn't / don't / do not
eat meat.
Where they work / work they / do they work
He has / have / haves
pasta for lunch.
I drink never wine / never drink wine / drink wine never
Alex studys / studyes / studies
Italian at home.
You can / Can you / Can you to
play football tomorrow?



2 Complete the questions or answers with the correct auxiliary verb.
Example: Do you like fruit?
Yes, I .

1 Where are they?
They're at the party.

2 Does Carol drink coffee?
I don't know.

3 What time do they get up?
At half past seven!

4 Can we park here?
Yes, you can .

5 Is Peter from Australia?
Yes, he's Australian.

6 What do people do in the winter in your country?
They often go skiing.

7 Are you cold?
Yes, I am .


3 Complete the sentences with one word.
Example: Where you live?

1 Peter is on holiday.
2 Jane and I come from New York. We are American.

3 Do they live in Italy?
No, they don't .
4 I have two sisters. Their names are Sheila and Penny.
5 I live in an old house.
6 Are your parents at work?
No, they aren't


4 Complete the sentences with the correct word.
Hello meet excuse
Example: Nice to you.

Spanish Mexican Brazil
1 Ana is from .

child childs children
2 Joe and Susie have three .

fast short cheap
3 The opposite of slow is .

seven-sixty sixty-seven six-seventy
4 My grandmother is years old.

daughter sister wife
5 Mrs Jones has two children - a son and a .

eat cook drink
6 I always coffee in the morning.

Thursday Monday Sunday
7 At the weekend - on Saturday and - I always get up late.

a teacher an administrator a doctor
8 Jenny is - she works in an office.

watch read listen to
9 In the morning, I always the radio.

time hour clock
10 What is it?

hotels schools hospitals
11 Nurses usually work in .

speak live make
12 Jerry doesn't Portuguese.

to at on
13 I go work by bus.

magazines television gym
14 In the evening, I watch .

hot cold tired
15 In the winter, in the north, it's often very .

cold light hot
16 I'm . Can I open the window?

5 Complete the description with the correct verbs.
On Sunday mornings, I don't , so I 1 get up late.
I 2 have / take a shower.
I usually 3 have eggs and coffee for breakfast, then I 4 read the newspaper.
After lunch, I 5 play tennis or I 6 go to the gym.
Then I 7 do the housework. In the evening, I 8 watch TV or I 9 listen to the radio, or sometimes I 10 go to the cinema.


6 Complete the dialogues with question words and prepositions from the boxes.
Заполните диалоги вопросительными словами и предлогами из таблицы.

When What Where Who How When What When
on in at in at on from in

Example: do you usually go out?
Friday nights.

1 Where do you live?
In London. But I go to my parents' house at the weekend.

2 What time do you get up?
at eight o'clock.

3 What do you do?
I'm a policeman. I work in the morning.

4 Who is that?
It's my sister's husband. He comes from England.

5 When do you watch TV?
in the evening.

6 When do you go on holiday?
in the summer.


Match the words with the same sounds.
photo door son we're hair computer you want watches woman

1 what want
2 hear we're
3 there hair
4 too you
5 music computer
6 finishes watches
7 morning door
8 summer son
9 home photo

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