Тест 38. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


Tick ( ) the correct response.
Отметьте ( ) правильный ответ.
Example: What time is it?
A Half past six. / B Twenty minutes. / C Two pounds fifty. /

1 Have a nice day
A You too. / B You're welcome. / C Yes, please. /

2 What do you do?
A Fine, thanks. / B I'm a doctor. / C I don't do that. /

3 I'm really sorry.
A Yes, you are. / B That's OK. / C See you soon. /

4 How much is that?
A Thirty kilometres. / B Thirty minutes. / C Thirty euros. /

5 Thank you very much.
A You're welcome.
/ B Here you are. / C Please. /

6 A ticket to Glasgow, please.
A Single or double? / B Single or married? / C Single or return? /

7 What's the date today?
A It's the sixth. / B It's Thursday. / C It's the summer. /

8 What do you think of it?
A It's awful. / B I don't think. / C I like him. /

9 Is there a bank near here?
A No, it isn't here. / B Yes, there's one in Hope Street. / C Yes, you can change money. /

10 What are you going to do tomorrow?
A It depends on the weather. / B It's next to the supermarket. / C It's on the left. /


1 Read the text and tick ( ) Yes or No.

Teenagers then and now.
Jill Davies is an accountant. She's 42, she's married, she has two children, and she lives in a small village in the north of England. But 25 years ago she was an 18-year-old teenager. It was the 1980s and she lived in Manchester.

'I hated being a teenager,' says Jill. 'Now, I look back, and I think, 'Wow, what a fantastic time!' but then it was terrible. I didn't like my hair or my clothes. I thought my dad was great, but I didn't like my mum. She told me what to do all the time but I never listened! I wanted to be cool, but I wasn't. I didn't have a boyfriend and my clothes were terrible.

I wore short skirts and tight jeans and a lot of make-up. I listened to New Romantic pop music - Duran Duran and Boy George were my favourites - and at the weekend I went out to discos and didn't come home until two or three in the morning.'

'Today, everybody goes to university when they leave school, but when I was young, this wasn't true. My friends and I left school at 18, and there weren't any jobs. I worked in a shop for three years. I was 22 when I went to college and trained to be an accountant.'

Emily Johnson is a student, and she's going to be 18 next week. She lives in Stockport, a town near Manchester, with some friends. Her parents and her younger brother live in a house nearby.
'I like being a teenager,' says Emily. 'I have good friends and a really nice boyfriend.

I don't go out very often, but I text my friends all the time or we chat online. On weekdays, I meet my friends in a cafe near college, or I watch DVDs at my boyfriend's house. Sometimes we go to the cinema on Saturday night. I usually wear comfortable clothes - T-shirts and jeans.

And I download a lot of music from the Internet. I love listening to Kate Nash and Lily Allen. They're really cool.' 'I study French at school, but I'm going to do Spanish at university next year. I love languages and I want to work in different countries.'

Example: Is Jill married? Yes / No /

1 Does she have any children? Yes / No /
2 Does she live in Manchester now? Yes / No /
3 Was she happy when she was 18? Yes / No /
4 Did she like her father? Yes / No /
5 Did she have a boyfriend? Yes / No /
6 Did she go to university? Yes / No /
7 Does Emily live with her parents? Yes / No /
8 Does she often go out at the weekend? Yes / No /
9 Is she at university at the moment? Yes / No /

2 Read the text again and complete the sentences below with one word from the text.
Example: Today, Jill lives in a .

1 Jill never listened to her mum / mother .
2 Jill often went to discos at the weekend.
3 Jill's friends left school when they were 18.
4 Jill started studying accountancy at college when she was 22.
5 Emily often watches DVDs with her boyfriend
6 Emily wants to study Spanish at university.


Answer the questions and write about your life.

How old are you?

a) If you are a teenager, describe your life now.
Where do you live and who with?
What do you like doing?
What do you do at the weekend?
What are you going to do next?

b) If you aren't a teenager, describe your life when you were 18.
Where did you live and who with?
What did you like doing?
What did you do at the weekend?

Student's own answers.

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