Тест 6. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


Complete the dialogues with the phrases:
Закончите диалоги фразами:
I'm thirty-two, It's 795867, See you soon, And you, Sorry

1 Goodbye, Sue.
Bye. See you soon
2 How old are you, Mark?
I'm thirty-two

3 What's your phone number?
It's 795867

4 How are you?
OK, thanks. And you
Oh, I'm fine.
5 My home number is 0207 98742.

It's 0207 98742.



1 Read the text and match the names in the table to the descriptions.

Прочитайте текст и сопоставьте имена в таблице с описаниями.
My family.
Hi! My name's Ian Haig and I'm from Glasgow in Scotland.
I'm not English - I'm Scottish! I have a big family.
My father's name is Gordon and he's 50.
My mother is 45. Her name's Anna and she's very nice.
My mother's Scottish but her mother and father are Italian.
They're from Milan. I have three sisters.
Their names are Rosie, Jenny, and Valeria.
Valeria is an Italian name. Rosie is 26.
She's tall and beautiful, and she's married.
Her husband's name is Tom and he's very tall. Jenny and Valeria are 24,
but Jenny is tall with short hair and Valeria is short with long hair.
We have a big, new house and an old car.
It's slow and cheap, and very small!
But it's OK! My mother and father are very short!
Me? Well, I'm 21, I'm not tall, and I'm slim with short hair.
I have a girlfriend but I'm not married.
Her name is Lucy and she's very beautiful.
She's tall with short, dark hair. She's English but she's nice!

Ian, Anna, Lucy, Tom, Valeria, Jenny, Gordon, Rosie

Example: He's short, twenty-one, and Scottish.
1 She's tall, beautiful, and English. Lucy
2 She's short and Scottish, but her mother's Italian. Anna
3 She's tall, twenty-six, and married. Rosie
4 He's short, Scottish, and fifty. Gordon
5 She isn't tall and she isn't married. Valeria
6 He's tall and he's married. Tom
7 She's twenty-four and tall. Jenny


2 Read the text again and complete the answers to the questions.
Example: What is Ian's surname?

1 Where is Ian from?
He's from Glasgow, in Scotland
2 What is Ian's father's name?
It's Gordon
3 How old is Ian's mother?
She's forty-five
4 Where is Anna's mother from?
She's from Milan, in Italy
5 What are Jenny's sisters' names?
Their names are Rosie and Valeria
6 What is Rosie's husband's name?
His name is Tom
7 Is their car fast and expensive?
No, it's slow and cheap
8 Where is Ian's girlfriend from?
She's from England


1 Answer the questions about a man in your family.
My brother's / father's / husband's / son's name is…

What's his name and where is he from?

How old is he and is he married?

Is he tall or short, good-looking or not good-looking?

Student's own answers.

Now answer the questions about a woman in your family.
My sister's / mother's / wife's / daughter's name is…

What's her name and where is she from?

How old is she and is she married?

Is she tall or short, beautiful or not beautiful?

Student's own answers.

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