Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:
1. "Do you know what you have done?" my father asked me.
2. "I'm going to London", she said.
3. "I've been to California recently", said my friend.
4. "He never comes in time", she said.
5. "It isn't so rainy today as it was yesterday", I remarked.
6. "She has a car, but she cannot drive well", they said.
7. "We can go there today", said my friend.
8. "You can take it if you need it, Ann", she said.
9. "I will tell her about it when she comes", said my brother.
10. "Who came here in the morning?" he asked.
11. "Why do you eat so much ice cream?", my mother asked.
12. "What is your new car like?" I asked him.
13. "Where were you last night?" he asked.
14. "Do you understand what I want to say?", he asked.
15. 'Are they getting married this weekend?" asked my sister.
16. "How far is it?" asked my friend.
1. My father asked me if I knew what he had done.
2. She said that she was going to London.
3. My friend said that he had been to California recently.
4. She said that he never came in time.
5. I remarked that it was not so rainy that day as it had been the day before.
6. They said that she had got a car, but she could not drive well.
7. My friend said that we could go there that day.
8. She told Ann that she could take it if she needed it.
9. My brother said that he would tell her about it when she came.
10. He asked who had come there in the morning.
11. My mother asked why he ate so much ice cream.
12. I asked him what his new car was like.
13. He asked where he had been the night before.
14. He asked if he understood what he wanted to say.
15. My sister asked if they were getting married that weekend.
16. My friend asked how far it was.
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