2) Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:

1. "Nick, you mustn't talk to me like that", she said.
2. "Don't drink too much coffee", I advised her.
3. "Call me as soon as you can", said my mother to me.
4. "Don't forget to call her", said he.
5. "Don't go there so early", she said.
6. "Give me some water, please", he said.
7. "Add some sugar to my coffee", I said to her.
8. "Don't do it now. We are leaving in a minute", she told him.
9. "You mustn't promise what you won't be able to do", she said.
10. "She may come soon", he told me.
11. "He can speak English", she said.
12. His father said: "You should sleep more".
13. "You mustn't go there alone", said our mother.
14. "You needn't buy any more milk", I warned.
15. He said, "We may go to the restaurant in the evening.

1. She told Nick that he shouldn't talk to her like that.
2. I advised her not to drink too much coffee.
3. My mother asked me to call her as soon as I could.
4. He asked not to forget to call her.
5. She asked not to go there so early.
6. He asked to give him some water.
7. I asked her to add some sugar to my coffee.
8. She asked him not to do it then and added that they were leaving in a minute.
9. She said that he shouldn't promise what he wouldn't be able to do.
10. He told me that she might come soon.
11. She said that he could speak English.
12. His father said that he should sleep more.
13. My mother said that we shouldn't go there alone.
14. I warned that he needn't buy any more milk.
15. He said that we might go to the restaurant in the evening.
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