3) Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:
1. He warned the child: "Don't eat so much ice cream."
2. She said to him, "Don't shout at me."
3. "She said to me, "Don't eat too many pears, you may get sick".
4. He said to me, "Don't forget what you have promised."
5. He asked me, "Please help me tonight, if you have some spare time."
6. He said, "Sit down for a few minutes."
7. Sandra said to me: "Wait for me a little."
8. The teacher said to us, "Don't forget to buy the new book."
9. He asked me, "Don't do this to me."
10. He asked her, "Please, don't be late."
11. He asked me, "Try to come in time."
12. She said to me, "Don't tell anyone about it."
1. He asked the child not to eat so much ice cream.
2. She asked him not to shout at her.
3. She asked me not to eat too many pears and added that I might get sick.
4. He asked me not to forget what I had promised.
5. He asked me to help him that evening if I had some spare time.
6. He asked to sit down for a few minutes.
7. Sandra asked me to wait for her a little.
8. The teacher asked us not to forget to buy the new book.
9. He asked me not to do that to him.
10. He asked her not to be late.
11. He asked me to try to come in time.
12. She asked me not to tell anyone about it.
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