4) Переделайте предложения из прямой в косвенную речь:
1. Ann said to her brother, "Where were you? I was looking for you the whole evening."
2. My mother said to me, "Don't run across the street."
3. The little boy asked his father, "Why do you work so much?"
4. They asked him, "Who are you looking at?"
5. I said to my friend, "Meet me outside the cinema."
6. Tom's mother said to him, "Don"t go out without your jacket on."
7. The teacher said to the students, "Open your books, please."
8. The doctor said to me, "Stay in bed."
9. Nick said to his friend, "Can you tell me the time, please."
10. My mother said to me, "Wash your clothes, please."
11. Isaid to my sister, "Please give me your pen."
1. Ann asked her brother where he had been. She added that she had been looking for him the whole evening.
2. My mother asked me not to run across the street.
3. The little boy asked his father why he worked so much.
4. They asked him who he was looking at.
5. I asked my friend to meet me outside the cinema.
6. Tom's mother asked him not to go out without his jacket on.
7. The teacher asked the students to open their books.
8. The doctor advised me to stay in bed.
9. Nick asked his friend if he could tell him the time.
10. My mother asked me to wash my clothes.
11. I asked my sister to give me her pen.
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