Видео занятия на английском языке онлайн бесплатно. №28. Тема: Рассказ о здоровом образе жизни на английском языке - урок разговорного английского.

На этом уроке вы можете научиться говорить о здоровом образе жизни на английском языке. Вы в хорошей форме? Придерживаетесь ли вы сбалансированного питания? Является ли ваш баланс между работой и личной жизнью здоровым? Вы занимаетесь спортом? Какая тренировка для вас самая лучшая? Какова ваша диета? Есть ли у вас какие-нибудь вредные привычки? На этом занятии вы узнаете, как обсуждать эти темы о здоровье и образе жизни, а также другие вопросы.

Этот урок поможет вам:
- Выучить полезные фразы, чтобы рассказать на английском языке о том, как физические упражнения вписываются в здоровый образ жизни.
- Получить примеры и определения распространенных слов, которые люди используют для описания физической формы и активности.
- Понять, как говорить о диете, и приобретите новый словарный запас, который вы сможете использовать, когда будете говорить о здоровом образе жизни с другими.
- Узнать, как говорить о вредных привычках, таких как курение или употребление большого количества алкоголя.
- Рассказать о здоровом образе жизни с точки зрения вашего баланса между работой и личной жизнью. Увидеть, как вы можете использовать новые фразы и словарный запас в разговоре, чтобы описать свои рабочие привычки.
- Почувствуйте себя более комфортно, когда говорите о своем здоровом образе жизни с другими людьми в беседе или даже на экзамене, таком как IELTS.

Примеры выполненных заданий к уроку:
Beside workouts and eating habit, I think work-life balance is a key factor for a good health. Even when I have too much work, I always try to solve all problems before 6 p.m and never bring work to home. I do not allow me to sit in front of screen for more than 2 hours without standing up at least for a few minutes. I usually be stressful after four or five months working without day off, so I often book for me and my family at least two long holidays each year to refresh ourselves.
The lifestyle is very important for everybody. Nowadays we have sedentary life style and more and more people are feeling bad and exhausted. It is not my "cup of tea" but what can I do? The tempo of our life is so fast and we must be adjustable for the modern way of life. I've just bought kettlebells and I will try to do some exercise. I know that will be strange to me but I gonna to try it. I definitely decided to start work out. I realized that I am really out of good shape. I must do something otherwise I will reach a 110kg.
My friend Lia who I work with told me that he trying to eat less junk food and drink less alcohol without any exercise. I am sober and do not like any alcohol, also I have 2022 resolution that I must do exercise and eat healthy food.
I work out on a daily basis though I just do some gentl running for about 10 mins. I think it is not important how long you exercise each time,what matters is that you do it consitently everyday. It will do wonders for your health and your mind as well.
I am in very good shape. Actually I am never out of shape or in a bad shape.i am not sure being in good shape means that i am fit or not.I have a very well rounded diet. I try my best to make sure that there are four groups of food in my daily meal.my diet emphasizes on fruits and veggies,includes lean meat and nuts. I think it is important to control what we put on our body.
I work too much everyday. And I don’t have time to do exercise or any fitness activity outside.
I usually feel very tired after my job. I work 15 hours everyday and it’s too much for me and not much time to do things for myself too. But I try to keep my healthy lifestyle except working for long hours. I usually prepare healthy food for myself, especially more green vegetables, and cutting off some rice during the day. But I have sweet tooth that I cannot resist eating sweets like cakes cookies ice cream especially chocolates. I really should cut off my sweet vice.
I enjoy doing exercises sometimes, but I'm not a fitness enthusiast. I mostly work out at home. Every morning, I run around my neighborhood, take some brisk walks, skip for 30 minutes or spend 15 minutes walking up and down the stairs to stay active and have a well-proportioned body. To avoid a sedentary lifestyle, I usually go for hitting the gym to run on treadmills and do other physical activities to maintain both physical and mental health. I'm trying to eat more healthily after reading a wide range of articles on fitness, diet and nutrition on the Internet. I've started reducing the amount of sugar when cooking dishes or making fruit and vegetable smoothies. I now feel very lucky that I'm not tempted by sweet food and desserts anymore. I'm also trying to stay off fried food because I was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis a couple of months ago. I used to have a habit of sleeping in on weekends, and I found it hard to break this bad habit. I went to the hospital for medical check-ups, and one of the Chinese medicine doctors advised me not to sleep more than 8 hours per day. I've totally changed my sleeping habit. I no longer suffer from a feeling of tiredness and irritation when I get up in the mornings. When I started my job as an English teacher a few years ago, I was really highly strung all the time. I had to do a lot of things at the same time, ranging from preparing lessons and solving arising problems in the classroom. I didn't seem to have enough time to spend with my loved ones. I reckon that work-life balance is really important, and I'm making every effort to create a better work-life balance for myself.
Today I have a healthy lifestyle. Every morning I go for walks and twice a week I do pilates. I love doing pilates. I have been doing pilates since 2012. It is important to me, because I have problem with my lower back. Work out is very important to your life. You should have a daily exercise routine and if you work hard , try to set an hour a day to work out.
I had to had a sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown and didn't have opportunity to work out. I started doing yoga at home to keep me supple and fit. Mostly I lead a healthy lifestyle and I'm really concerned about what I eat. I'm trying to stay off junk food and fried food because I might put on weight easily But I'm tempted by sweet food and chocolate is my sweet vice, I've tried to cut it down, but I couldn't give it up at all. I usually have eight-hour sleep at night and twenty-minute walk a day to keep fit and unwind after work.
I have a question and, if possible, a request: you say that some expressions are facts and some other expressions are opinions (I have come across other topics with similar caution points for new learners). But I don't clearly understand which one are and when they are, in general. The only way I can remember them is by memorizing them individually and this often results in making mistakes. So could you please expain those and gives some tips on how to remember them.
I am not a fluency about doing sport but I m working out with doing exercise without going anywhere and my body started to take a good shape.
Additionally I am not trying stay off bad food habits and also losing weight
I am trying to put on weight with gaining muscler and fortunately I don't have things too much which I couldn't resist
I have just one thing which I couldn't resist and eating meal
I am trying to stay off sedentary.
I love doing exercise in the morning, I usually go to the gym twice or three times a week. After running on the treadmill and work-out with the weightlifting machine, I sometimes go swimming. I am always proud to not be sedentary, but to be honest, I can not stick to diet, I am a meat eater and I rarely eat vegetable, and being worse, I usually drink alcohol. I will try to cut down on meat I eat day by day and stay off alcohol.
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