Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 15.

Прочтите следующую статью о том, как провести отпуск, и отметьте ( ) предложения с 1 по 7 T (Истина) или F (ложь).
Read the following article on taking a holiday and mark ( ) sentences 1 to 7 T (True) or F (False).

We all look forward to our holiday. It's a chance to forget about the stress of the office or the factory and relax for a week or two. We can then return, feeling healthy and ready to face the challenge of work once again. Recent research, however, suggests that for some people going on holiday might cause more stress than staying at work.

It's a particular problem for those people who find it impossible to relax. For a few weeks they are living in a different country or town, with different accommodation and different people around them. They miss their home, their friends, their food. And they worry about things: how much work will I have when I get back to the office? What's happening to the house? Are the family enjoying themselves?

There are also problems caused by spending twenty-four hours a day with the family. During the rest of the year, individual members of the family can get away from each other; they go to school or work; they see their friends. But on holiday, they can't do that; there is no escape. It's not surprising, then, that there is tension, disagreement, arguing.

Also, the theory that most of us return from a holiday fresh and ready to start work seems to be largely untrue. Many people feel depressed about walking back into the office; it often takes them up to a week to get back to normal. Some can't stand the thought of work at all, and call the office to say they are sick.

But if all this is true, why do we all think that holidays are such wonderful things? The answer is that we lie to ourselves and our friends. We have spent so much time and money planning the holiday that we are scared to admit it was disappointing. 'We had a great time,' we say, even if the weather was lousy and the hotel was a dump.

(1) Holidays are relaxing for everyone. T /F /
(2) Some people don't like being in a new place. T / F /
(3) Everybody usually forgets about work. T / F /
(4) Families on holiday have fewer arguments. T / F /
(5) People usually find it difficult to return to work after a holiday. T / F /
(6) Some can't return to work after their holiday because they are sick. T / F /
(7) People often don't tell the truth about their holiday. T / F /

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