Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 36.

Выберите лучший ответ a, b или c, чтобы завершить диалоги о покупках.
Choose the best reply a, b or c to complete the dialogues.

(7) A: 'Why are you buying that cake?'
B: ' c
a party tonight.'
a) I'll have b) I'm going to have c) I'm having

(8) A: 'Are you going to Peter's party?'
B: 'Yes, but b
a bit late.'
a) shall I be b) I'm going to be c) I'm being

(9) A: 'We need some coffee.'
B: 'I know. b
some at the supermarket.'
a) I'll buy b) I'm going to buy c) I'm buying

(10) A: 'I don't know how to do it.'
B: ' a
you if you like.'
a) I'll help b) I'm going to help c) I'm helping

(11) A: 'Here's €20.'
B: 'Thanks a lot. a
you back soon, I promise.'
a) I'll pay b) I'm going to pay c) I'm paying

Дополните фразовые глаголы в приведенном ниже абзаце.
Complete the phrasal verbs in the paragraph below.

Every September 15th, a special Harvest festival takes place in Langton Mowbrey. All the locals join in the fun, especially the children, who run through the streets dressed up as animals and birds. At midnight, hundreds of fireworks go off in the town square and everyone gets down to some serious celebrating. A few years ago, the mayor tried to stop the festival because the town hall almost burned down after a stray firework started a fire on the roof. Fortunately, the people of Langton Mowbrey decided to change the mayor instead.

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