Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 41.

Заполните каждый пробел в тексте НОВЫЙ ГОД В ЛОНДОНЕ, используя предлог из таблицы.
Complete each gap in the text using a preposition from the box.
on (x2) at (x2) in (x2) for before


The best time to visit London is (1) at New Year. Early (2) in the evening of the 31st of December, crowds gather in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.
Thousands of people wait (3) for
hours just to witness the moment. They have come to listen to Big Ben, which is situated just down the road. Made (4) in April 1858, Big Ben is a thirteen-ton bell, not the clock tower. The BBC first broadcast the event on the radio (5) on the 31st December 1923. Just (6) before midnight, Big Ben strikes for the first time. Then, eleven strikes later, (7) at the stroke of midnight, the crowds go wild. It's always amazing and it's always (8) on time.

Прочтите текст ниже. Выберите слово из таблицы, которое наилучшим образом соответствует каждому пробелу. Используйте каждое слово только один раз.
Read the text below. Choose the word from the box that best fits each space. Use each word only once.
scribble done make prioritise take do work achieves get

I love making lists. They help me to get things done, (1) make me feel relaxed and let me (2) take control of my life. In fact, I cannot sleep well unless I have written down all the things I need to (3) do the next day. During the day I carry a notebook in which I (4) scribble notes about things I don't want to forget. I don't know how people can (5) get by without lists to be honest. I tried using an electronic organiser a couple of years ago but it didn't (6) work for me. It didn't help me to (7) prioritise because I couldn't see all the items on the list at once. My brother Fred thinks that I am getting obsessed with list making. The truth is that my life is orderly and I get a lot of things (8) done in the course of a day whereas he plans to do very little and (9) achieves even less. He says that my List of Lists is a sure sign that I am losing it. He didn't like it when I gave him a list of reasons why he was a loser.

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