Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 42.

Заполните каждый пробел в тексте ЕДИМ СУП ПО-ЯПОНСКИ словом из таблицы. Используйте каждое слово только один раз.
Complete each gap in the text with a word from the box. Use each word only once.
of a lot couple very any few the no too


A (1) few years ago, I was invited to dinner by a (2) couple of Japanese friends. I had (3) no previous experience of eating Japanese food, so I didn't really know what to expect. I took along (4) a bottle of wine, which they were happy to receive.
They started by serving a bowl (5) of
watery soup made with noodles. When I tasted it, I was (6) very disappointed. It was much (7) too bland. But then they showed me (8) the Japanese way to eat it. They sucked the noodles into their mouths, making a loud noise as they did so. It was difficult to copy them because my parents had always told me not to make (9) any noise at table, but when I did, it was a completely different experience. The soup was now extremely tasty but best of all was being allowed to make a (10) lot of noise while I ate it.

Завершите предложения с 1 по 8 одним словом.
Complete sentences 1 to 8 with one word.

A: 'I think that's Susan's sister over there.'
B: 'Well, it might/may/could
be but that woman doesn't really look like her.'
'You've had a hard day. You must
be exhausted.'
'My keys can't
be in the apartment - I used them to lock the door when I came out.'
'Peter's bought a new car. Perhaps/Maybe
he got a raise.'
'Ssh! Gail had a late night so she's probably/possibly
still in bed.'
'If I had
enough money, I'd go skiing every winter.'
you go on holiday alone if Oscar had to cancel?'
'What would you do if he sang
you a love song?'

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