Упражнения уровня IELTS по английскому языку. № 56.

Добавьте по одному слову, чтобы завершить каждое предложение.
Add one word to complete each sentence.

(1) Please don't say a word to anyone.
(2) Fred is having second thoughts
about getting married.
(3) He is not sure if now is the right
time to get married.
(4) He says he's under
a lot of pressure from his girlfriend, Gina.
(5) She wants him to make
up his mind one way or the other.
(6) Gina's applied for
a new job in San Francisco.
(7) If she leaves him, it will serve
him right.
(8) They had a big fight
the other night.
(9) They made
so much noise that someone called the police.
(10) Fred is going on
holiday on his own next week.
(11) He's looking forward
to spending some time on his own.
(12) I don't know if Gina will be waiting
for him when he gets back.

В каждом из этих предложений возможны два из трех выражений, выделенных курсивом. Выберите ( ) тот, который является НЕПРАВИЛЬНЫМ.
In each of these sentences, two of the three expressions in italics are possible. Choose ( ) the one which is INCORRECT.

(1) I might / will / can / get married by the time I'm 30.
(2) I wish I had known / know / knew / what to say.
(3) You are believed / supposed / expected / to be back here in an hour.
(4) There are very many / several /no / things that I want to say to her.
(5) He's got a little / little / few / time left to finish his work.
(6) David said he saw / had seen / sees / you recently.
(7) If I know / knew / had known / the answer, I wouldn't be here now.
(8) We'll go in my car unless / if / when / Peter decides to come.
(9) She has a deal / number / lot / of friends in the area.
(10) I don't know where all our / the / some / money goes.
(11) Did you use / would / have / to work late at night?
(12) Look at his face - he must / doesn't have to / can't / be serious.

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