Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 36.

Выберите лучшее слово или фразу (a, b или c) для завершения предложений с 1 по 8.
Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, or c) to complete sentences 1 to 8.

(1) It's completely c whether he wants to take a holiday with us or not.
a) through him
b) out of him
c) up to him

(2) a by the time we get back, do you think?
a) Will you have finished
b) Will you be finishing
c) Are you going to be finishing

(3) Do you know Hector, c wife has just died?
a) which
b) whom
c) whose

(4) I don't think he c it after you had told him specifically not to, would he?
a) wouldn't have done
b) might do
c) would do

(5) It b easy for Jack and Elizabeth to live apart for their first year of marriage. They're so in love with each other.
a) mightn't have been
b) can't have been
c) hasn't to be

(6) He suggested b the match until the following day.
a) them to postpone
b) that they postpone
c) them postponing

(7) There isn't c room for everybody to sit down.
a) little
b) plenty
c) enough

(8) We c to contact her for the last three hours, but there's still no answer.
a) were trying
b) are trying
c) have been trying

В предложениях с 1 по 8 есть три подчеркнутых слова или словосочетания, отмеченные (A), (B) и (C). Выберите слово или фразу, которые являются грамматически неправильными.
In sentences 1 to 8 there are three underlined words or phrases, marked (A), (B) and (C). Choose the word or phrase that is grammatically incorrect.

(1) (A) Ever after he (B) left college three months ago, my brother (C) has been applying for different jobs.
(2) While he (A) was living in Spain he (B) has gained a lot of experience and (C) made a lot of useful contacts.
(3) If I (A) had prepared properly for the exam, I wouldn't (B) be taken (C) by surprise by some of the questions.
(4) If he (A) wouldn't enjoy the film, why (B) did he stay (C) to the end?
(45) I don't know (A) quite how you can (B) put up your flat-mate (C) playing such loud music all the time!
(6) The supermarket had (A) run out of cigarettes, so it's a good job that I (B) gave up (C) to smoke last week!
(7) He stopped (A) to arrive at work early after he (B) was turned (C) down for promotion.
(8) There's no point (A) phoning Katherine, she (B) always answers the phone when anyone (C) rings her.

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