Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 39.

В предложениях с 1 по 7 есть три подчеркнутых слова или словосочетания, отмеченные (A), (B) и (C). Выберите слово или фразу, которые являются грамматически неправильными.
In sentences 1 to 7 there are three underlined words or phrases, marked (A), (B) and (C). Choose the word or phrase that is grammatically incorrect.

(1) How long (A) had he been taking their money before they (B) discovered what he (C) did and reported him to the police?
(2) We had (A) already been waiting for 2 hours with no news, when they finally (B) were announcing that the flight (C) would be boarding from Gate 11 in 15 minutes' time.
(3) A man, (A) whose wife (B) had apparently been giving birth in the car, knocked on our front door and asked us to quickly call (C) an ambulance.
(4) As soon as the doctor (A) was arriving we felt (B) immensely relieved because we knew that we could (C) count on him to do the right thing.
(5) It was reported last night that the decision (A) was taken by the company board early last week and (B) that this historic ship (C) will dismantle early next year.
(6) One thing I would really love (A) to do before I (B) will die, (C) is to go to New Zealand.
(7) What (A) I've been trying to tell him for a number of years now, (B) that if he practises just a little bit harder he (C) could well break the world record.

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