Упражнения уровня TOEFL по английскому языку. № 8.

Заполните приведенные ниже предложения правильной формой фразового глагола из таблицы. Пять глаголов не используются.
Complete the sentences below with the correct form of a phrasal verb from the box. Five verbs are not used.
take off go on turn up go through put up with let down count on look into get over get rid of

(1) Nicola is very reliable. You can count on her.

(2) Would you like me to go through the instructions with you once again?

(3) We've had to put up with her inconsiderate behaviour for years!

(4) They went through a difficult period in their marriage last year but I think that they have (5) got over most of their problems now.

Выберите правильное слово, выделенное курсивом в приведенных ниже предложениях.
Choose the correct word in italics in the sentences below.

(1) I've known her for 22 years and she has never let down / let me down / let down me /.
(2) I saw through / over / down / his attempt to cheat at cards.
(3) When her mother died, she came a lot of money into / came in a lot of money / came into a lot of money /.

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