Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 13.

Дополните электронное письмо глаголами в настоящем совершенном или простом прошедшем времени.
Complete the e-mail with the verbs in the present perfect or past simple.
Hi Tim
(just/ read) your e-mail. I hope things get easier for you before the weekend. You have been (be) really busy this week!
Have you booked
(you / book) your holiday yet? In May, I went (go) to Australia with my family again. We have been (be) there three times now! But this time, we didn't stay (not stay) with my aunt in Sydney. Instead, we drove (drive) around to different places. Then in July,
Helen and I travelled
(travel) around Italy.
Have you ever been
(you/ ever / be) to the Coliseum? It's a fantastic place.

Write soon!
Завершайте диалоги словами just, already, или yet.
Complete the dialogues with just, already, or yet.
Example: ‘I’ve
made some coffee. Would you like some?’
‘No thanks. I’ve
had a cup.’

1 ‘Have you finished that book yet
‘I've just
read the last page. I finished it two minutes ago!’
2 ‘I've already
seen this film. It was on TV last month.’ ‘Don’t tell me the ending! I haven't seen it yet !'
3 ‘I haven’t written to Paul yet
. What about you?’ ‘I’ve already written five times!’
Complete the sentences with the correct words.
Example: I always
my bed in the morning.
do make put

1 My brother takes
the dog for a walk at six o’clock every morning.
takes leaves has
2 Don't change
the channel. I’m watching that!
turn move change
3 I usually drive to work because it saves
gives makes saves
4 Please don’t leave
your bag in the middle of the floor.
leave pick find
5 She took
off her boots and walked into the living room.
put tried took
6 I’m not doing
the washing up again! It's your turn.
making doing cleaning
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