Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 14.

Напишите сравнительную или превосходную форму прилагательных.
Write the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives.
Example: This is
(exciting) book I’ve ever read. I can’t stop reading it!

1 Sarah works harder
(hard) than Michael. He has too many breaks.
2 Harry’s the friendliest
(friendly) person I know. He talks to everybody.
3 Russia is the biggest
(big) country in the world.
4 It was the worst
(bad) dream I’ve ever had. I was really frightened.
5 Peter is more generous
(generous) than Joe — he always pays for the drinks!
6 His trainers were more expensive
(expensive) than mine. I got mine in the sale.
Напишите противоволожное значение.
Write the opposite.
Example: boring

1 crowded deserted

2 possible impossible

3 polluted clean

4 dangerous safe

5 near far

6 healthy unhealthy
Дополните предложения глаголами в форме -ing или инфинитивом.
Complete the sentences with the verbs in the -ing form or infinitive.
Example: She left without
(close) the door.

1 Try not to spend
(spend) too much money.
I need to buy (buy) some new shoes.
3 Swimmlllg
(swim) is very good for you.
4 I sent Tom an e-mail because I wanted to tell
(tell) him about the party.
5 It isn't easy to learn
(learn) a language.
6 He’s very good at talking
(talk) to new people.
7 I don’t really like dancing
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