Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 15.

Завершите предложения правильным предлогом. Используйте каждое слово по одному разу.
Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. Use each word once.
along in over through into of around
Example: He walked out
the house and never came

1 Go over
the bridge and take the first turning on the left.
2 She came into
the living room and sat down.
3 You can’t drive through
the Channel Tunnel, you have to take your car on the train.
4 They walked along
the street until they found a good restaurant.
5 Come in
! It's lovely to see you.
6 We went for a long walk around
the lake.
Завершите предложения правильным словом.
Complete the sentences with the correct word.
Example: Do you
enjoy want think

1 Mike’s interested
in fishing.
interested excited happy

2 She spends
a lot of time watching TV.
has spends does

3 l’d like
to go out this evening.
mind think like

4 He doesn’t mind
want mind good

5 I'm thinking
of studying law.
hoping thinking spending

6 We love
going to the beach.
need love want

7 I need
to go to the supermarket.
need mind think
Выберите правильное(ые) слово(а).
Choose ( ) the correct word(s).
Example: I find English a / bit / very / difficult.

1 This exercise is / not very / incredibly / hard. We can't do it!
2 Of couse I can ride a bike, it’s / not very / really / easy.
3 This question is / bit / quite / complicated.
4 I'm / not very / a bit / worried about the exam. I've done a lot of work.
5 He’s / a bit / really / motivated because he wants to get a good job.
6 He’s / really / a bit / friendly. He talks to everybody.
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