Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 16.

Дополните фразы словами play, go или do.
Complete the phrases with play, go, or do.
1 go
2 play
3 do
4 play
5 do
6 go
Выберите ( ) правильное(ые) слово(а).
Choose ( ) the correct word(s).
Example: If get an interview, I will / would / buy a new suit.

1 If we get / got / a taxi, we’ll arrive on time.
2 If I won the lottery, I’ll / I’d / buy you a car.
3 If we don’t / didn’t / leave now, we’ll be late.
4 She’ll pass the exam if she works / worked / harder.
5 Will / Would / you learn a language if you had more time?
6 If they had more money they can / could / go on holiday.
7 If was / were / you, I’d stop smoking.
8 I won’t / wouldn’t / scream if I saw a ghost.
Дополните предложения правильной формой глаголов.
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.
Example: If he rings me, I
(be) very happy.

1 If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t speak
(not speak) to you.
2 I’d travel around the world if I didn’t have
(not have) young children.
3 We won’t go
(not go) to the beach if the weatheps bad.
4 If Billy were here, he’d take
(take) you to the party.
5 She‘ll stay
(stay) in tonight if she has a test tomorrow.
6 lf I was rich, I‘d give
(give) a lot of money to charity.
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