Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 17.

Прочитайте статью об изучении иностранного языка и отметьте галочкой ( ) A, B или C.
Read the article and tick ( ) A, B, or C.

How many ways are there to learn a language? Do you want to learn a language? We interviewed three people who learned a language in very different ways.

June is 36 and a mother of two. She went to evening classes.
'I gave up working when I had my first child, but a year ago I joined a French evening class. At first, it was quite difficult. We had to speak French all the time in the classroom and I didn't understand anything. Also, when you only have one lesson a week, you have to do a lot at home. l studied when the children were in bed and I listened to French tapes in the car. At the end of the year I could speak French quite well.'

Jim is 23. He went to Italy to learn Italian.
'When I finished university, I wanted to travel and learn a language. I already knew a bit of Italian, so I decided to go there. I didn't want to do formal lessons, so I bought some tapes and listened to them before I went. I travelled around the country for six months. It's the only way to learn! I didn't have much money, so I worked in bars. That meant I met a lot of people and learned a lot of Italian. I also had a great time. I'd definitely recommend it.'

Sasha is 29. She did an intensive course in London.
'I studied French and Spanish at university and got a job with computers. I missed learning a language, so I asked my boss for a month's holiday and enrolled on an intensive German course in London. We did six hours of lessons every day, so it was quite hard work. We all communicated in German. The problem was when I went home, I spoke English again. The course was fun and I learned a lot, but I'd like to do a course in Germany next time.'

Example: When June's first child was born she ___.
A worked in the evenings /
B continued working /
C stopped working /

1 June found learning a language ___.
A easy /
B boring /
C hard /

2 She did a French class ___.
A once a week /
B every evening /
C during the day /

3 She did extra studying when she was ___.
A looking after the children /
B driving /
C in bed /

4 Tim went to Italy because he ___.
A could speak Italian very well /
B knew some Italian /
C studied Italian at university /

5 Before he went, he ___.
A took some lessons /
B practiced at home /
C bought a home-study book /

6 When he was travelling he, __
A met a lot of English people /
B spent a lot of money /
C spoke a lot of Italian /

7 Sasha learned German ___.
A at work /
B in Germany /
C at a language school /

8 When she was in class, Sasha spoke ___.
A a lot of English /
B German all the time /
C in different languages /

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