Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 20.

Завершите предложения словами used to, didn't use to или Did… use to.
Complete the sentences with used to, didn't use to, or Did… use to.
Example: I
go out a lot, but now I stay at home.

1 Tom used to live in a flat, but now he lives in a house.
2 Did
Sam use to be in the football team?
3 I didn’t use to
like Anna, but now I think she's really nice.
4 These days, I get up at 7 a.m., but I used to
have to get up at 5.30!
5 They didn’t use to
eat meat, but now they do.
6 Did
you use to have long hair when you were young?

Выберите ( ) неподходящее слово из списка.
Choose ( ) the odd word out.
Example: duck / eagle / swan / sheep /

1 shark / dolphin / lion / whale /
2 horse / giraffe / pig / chicken /
3 mosquito / bull / butterfly / wasp /
4 gorilla / tiger / rabbit / elephant /
5 swan / cow / fly / mice /
6 eagle / bear / camel / goat /
Перепишите предложения в настоящем или прошедшем пассиве.

Rewrite the sentences in the present or past passive.
Example: Van Gogh painted this picture of sunflowers.
This picture of sunflowers

1 A girl from our class won the competition.
The competition was won by a girl from our class

2 My father built this house 20 years ago.
This house was built by my father 20 years ago

3 Pierce Brosnan plays the part of James Bond.
The part of James Bond is played by Pierce Brosnan

4 Shakespeare didn't write War and Peace!
War and Peace wasn’t written by Shakespeare

5 Our school prefers modern teaching methods.
Modern teaching methods are preferred by our school

6 Pollution harms the environment.
The environment is harmed by pollution

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